Board of Directors

President - Kenneth “Ken” Manning

Ken Manning is the Executive Director of the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority and has previously been CEO of the Chino Basin Watermaster.

Vice President - Toby Moore

Toby Moore is the Water Resources Manager and Chief Hydrogeologist at Golden State Water Company.

Vice President - Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy is the General Manager of Mojave Water Agency.  Prior to joining MWA, McCarthy served as the Acting Enginieering Manager/Chief Engineer and Water Resources Planning Manager for Anaheim Public Utilities.

Secretary/Treasurer - Tony Zampiello

Tony Zampiello is the Executive Officer of the Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster.

Robert Whitaker

Robert Whitaker is the General Manager for the Water Replenishment District of Southern California.

Timothy K. Parker

Tim Parker is Principal of Parker Groundwater, a firm that specializes in groundwater resources management.  Tim is also a Board Member and Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Groundwater Resources Association of California.  

Courtney Degener

Courtney Degener is Vice President of Cadiz, Inc., a renewable resources company with significant land and water resource assets in Southern Calfiornia.

Greg Woodside

Greg Woodside is the Executive Director of Planning and Natural Resources at the Orange County Water District.

Ann DuBay

Ann DuBay is the Community Affairs Manager for the Sonoma County Water Agency, and has been signigicantly involved in the creation of three Groundwater Sustainability Agencies in Sonoma County.